Vinyl Works Slide & Lock A Frame Ladder: A Durable And Secure Pool Accessory

Vinyl Works 60in Plastic DropIn Pool Steps with Hand Rail in the
VinylWorks Slide Lock AFrame Ladder (White) Pool Supplies CanadaVinylWorks Slide Lock AFrame Ladder (White) Pool Supplies Canada

The Importance of a Sturdy and Reliable Pool Ladder

When it comes to pool safety, having a sturdy and reliable pool ladder is of utmost importance. This is where the Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder comes in. This innovative ladder is designed to provide easy and secure access to your pool, ensuring the safety of swimmers of all ages. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, this ladder is a must-have accessory.

Easy Installation and Adjustable Height

The Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder is exceptionally easy to install. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, making the installation process a breeze. The ladder is also adjustable in height, allowing you to customize it to fit your pool perfectly. This ensures that swimmers can enter and exit the pool safely and comfortably, regardless of the pool’s depth.

Durable Construction and Slip-Resistant Steps

This ladder is built to last. The Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder is constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, as it can withstand the elements without deteriorating. Additionally, the ladder features slip-resistant steps, providing an added layer of safety for swimmers, especially when climbing out of the pool with wet feet.

Secure Locking System for Enhanced Safety

The Slide & Lock feature of this ladder ensures enhanced safety. The ladder securely locks into place, eliminating any wobbling or shifting while in use. This gives swimmers peace of mind, knowing that the ladder will remain stable and secure throughout their pool activities. The locking system is easy to operate, making it convenient for both adults and children to use.

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Convenient Storage and Maintenance

When not in use, the Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder can be easily removed and stored away. Its compact design allows for hassle-free storage, saving you space in your pool area. Additionally, this ladder requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its durable and weather-resistant construction. Simply wipe it down occasionally to keep it clean and looking like new.


The Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder is an essential pool accessory for anyone looking to enhance the safety and convenience of their pool. With its easy installation, adjustable height, durable construction, and secure locking system, this ladder ensures a worry-free swimming experience. Invest in the Vinyl Works Slide & Lock a Frame Ladder today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool is equipped with a reliable and secure access point.

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