Jandy Pro Series Heater Fault Check Ign Steps

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In this year 2023, we have some exciting news and updates regarding the Jandy Pro Series Heater Fault Check Ign Steps. If you own a Jandy Pro Series Heater or are considering purchasing one, this article will provide you with valuable information on how to troubleshoot and resolve common ignition faults. Whether you are a pool owner or a pool professional, it is important to be familiar with these steps to ensure the proper functioning of your heater.

Understanding the Ignition Faults

Jandy Pro Series Heaters are equipped with advanced systems that monitor and control the ignition process. However, like any mechanical device, these heaters can experience faults that prevent them from igniting properly. Some common ignition faults include insufficient gas supply, blocked burners, faulty ignition control modules, or dirty igniter electrodes. Understanding these faults is crucial to effectively troubleshoot and resolve them.

Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Inspect Gas Supply

The first step in troubleshooting an ignition fault is to ensure that your Jandy Pro Series Heater has a sufficient gas supply. Check the gas valve to ensure it is fully open and that there are no leaks. If you suspect a gas leak, it is important to contact a professional to address the issue.

Step 2: Check Burners

Blocked burners can also cause ignition faults. Carefully inspect the burners for any obstructions such as debris or spider webs. Clean the burners if necessary and ensure they are properly aligned. Misaligned burners can also prevent proper ignition.

Step 3: Inspect Ignition Control Module

If the gas supply and burners are in good condition, the next step is to inspect the ignition control module. This module controls the ignition sequence and ensures proper timing. Check for any loose connections or damaged wires. If any issues are found, contact a professional for repair or replacement.

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Step 4: Clean Igniter Electrodes

Dirty or corroded igniter electrodes can hinder proper ignition. Carefully clean the electrodes using a soft brush or sandpaper. Be gentle to avoid damaging the electrodes. Once cleaned, ensure they are properly positioned for optimal ignition.


By following these Jandy Pro Series Heater Fault Check Ign Steps, you can troubleshoot and resolve common ignition faults. However, it is important to note that if you are unsure or uncomfortable performing these steps, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. Proper maintenance and troubleshooting will ensure the efficient and reliable operation of your Jandy Pro Series Heater, allowing you to enjoy your pool or spa all year round.

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