Homemade Pool Stairs

Diy Above Ground Pool Ladder DIY Above ground pool ladder / stairs
Diy Above Ground Pool Ladder DIY Above ground pool ladder / stairsDiy Above Ground Pool Ladder DIY Above ground pool ladder / stairs


Having a pool in your backyard is a dream come true for many homeowners. It provides a refreshing escape from the summer heat and a great way to relax and have fun with family and friends. However, getting in and out of the pool can be challenging, especially for children, seniors, or individuals with mobility issues. That’s where homemade pool stairs come in handy. In this article, we will explore the benefits of homemade pool stairs and provide you with some tips on how to make your own.

The Benefits of Homemade Pool Stairs

Investing in pool stairs can make your pool more accessible and safer for everyone. Here are some benefits of homemade pool stairs:

1. Accessibility

Pool stairs provide a convenient and safe way to enter and exit the pool, making it accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you have young children or elderly family members, having pool stairs ensures that everyone can enjoy the pool without any difficulty.

2. Safety

Slippery pool decks can be dangerous, especially when wet. Homemade pool stairs offer a secure foothold, reducing the risk of slips and falls. They also provide a sturdy handrail for added stability, giving you peace of mind while enjoying your pool.

How to Make Homemade Pool Stairs

Making your own pool stairs is a cost-effective and customizable option. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make homemade pool stairs:

1. Measure and Plan

Start by measuring the height of your pool deck and the desired depth of the stairs. Use these measurements to determine the size and number of steps you need.

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2. Gather Materials

Next, gather the necessary materials for your homemade pool stairs. You will need pressure-treated lumber, galvanized screws, a circular saw, a tape measure, a level, and a drill.

3. Cut and Assemble the Steps

Using the circular saw, cut the pressure-treated lumber into the desired step size. Assemble the steps by attaching them together with galvanized screws. Make sure to align them properly and use a level to ensure they are straight.

4. Attach Handrails

For added safety, consider attaching handrails to your homemade pool stairs. Use additional pressure-treated lumber to create the handrails and secure them to the steps with screws.

5. Install the Pool Stairs

Place the homemade pool stairs in the desired location and secure them to the pool deck with screws. Make sure they are stable and level before allowing anyone to use them.

6. Finishing Touches

Lastly, sand the edges of the stairs to ensure they are smooth and free from splinters. Apply a waterproof sealant or paint to protect the wood from water damage and extend their lifespan.


Homemade pool stairs are a practical and affordable solution to make your pool more accessible and safe. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create custom pool stairs that meet your specific needs. So, go ahead and enjoy your pool with confidence, knowing that everyone can easily and safely enter and exit the water.

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