Building Steps For Above Ground Pool

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Diy Pool Steps Above Ground Pool Steps Hometalk / Diy above groundDiy Pool Steps Above Ground Pool Steps Hometalk / Diy above ground


Having an above ground pool in your backyard is a great way to enjoy the summer and cool off on hot days. However, getting in and out of the pool can be a bit challenging without proper steps. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of building sturdy and safe steps for your above ground pool.

Gather the Materials

The first step in building steps for your above ground pool is to gather all the necessary materials. You will need pressure-treated lumber, galvanized screws, a circular saw, a drill, a measuring tape, a level, and a pencil. Make sure to choose materials that are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand exposure to water.

Measure and Mark

Next, measure the height of your pool and determine the number of steps you will need. Divide the height by the desired height of each step to calculate the number of steps needed. Mark the locations of the steps on the pool wall using a pencil.

Build the Steps

Using the circular saw, cut the pressure-treated lumber into the desired size for each step. Make sure the steps are wide enough to comfortably accommodate the average foot size. Secure the steps to the pool wall using galvanized screws, making sure they are level and sturdy. Repeat this process for each step.

Add Handrails

To enhance safety, consider adding handrails to your pool steps. Measure and cut the pressure-treated lumber for the handrails, ensuring they are long enough to extend from the top to the bottom step. Attach the handrails to the steps using galvanized screws.

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Finishing Touches

Once the steps and handrails are securely in place, give them a thorough inspection to ensure everything is level and sturdy. Sand down any rough edges to prevent splinters. Apply a coat of weatherproof stain or paint to protect the wood from moisture and UV rays. Finally, let the steps dry completely before allowing anyone to use them.

By following these steps, you can create a safe and convenient entryway to your above ground pool. Remember to always prioritize safety and use caution when using the pool steps. Enjoy your swimming sessions!

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