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Having an above ground pool in your backyard can be a great way to beat the summer heat. However, getting in and out of the pool can sometimes be a challenge, especially for children, elderly, or people with limited mobility. Building stairs for your above ground pool can provide a safe and convenient way to access the pool, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

Choosing the Right Design

When it comes to building stairs for your above ground pool, there are several design options to consider. One popular choice is the A-frame design, which consists of two sets of stairs that meet in the middle, creating a sturdy and stable structure. Another option is the straight stair design, which is simpler and easier to build. Whichever design you choose, make sure it complements the style and aesthetic of your pool area.

Gathering the Materials

Before you start building the stairs, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. This typically includes pressure-treated lumber for the frame, deck boards for the steps, galvanized screws or nails for assembly, and a level and measuring tape for accuracy. You may also need additional materials such as brackets, anchors, or handrails, depending on the design and local building codes.

Building the Stairs

Start by measuring the height and width of your pool to determine the size of the stairs. Cut the pressure-treated lumber to the appropriate lengths for the frame, ensuring that each piece is level and securely fastened. Next, attach the deck boards to create the steps, spacing them evenly and leaving enough room for comfortable foot placement. If you’re building an A-frame design, assemble the two sets of stairs separately and then connect them in the middle using brackets or other suitable connectors.

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Finishing Touches and Safety Measures

Once the stairs are built, it’s important to add some finishing touches and safety measures. Consider adding a non-slip surface to the steps to prevent accidents, such as adhesive strips or textured paint. If your local building codes require it, install handrails on the sides of the stairs for additional support. Finally, give the stairs a thorough inspection to ensure they are sturdy, secure, and meet all safety standards.


Building stairs for your above ground pool can greatly enhance its accessibility and safety. By choosing the right design, gathering the necessary materials, and following the proper construction steps, you can create a functional and attractive staircase that will make getting in and out of the pool a breeze. Remember to prioritize safety by adding non-slip surfaces and handrails, and always comply with local building codes. Enjoy your summer with a pool that is accessible to everyone!

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